April 28, 2016

Five steps to creating art with your kids | charlotte family photographer


art + you + kids charlotte family photographer

Taylor is a wonderful photographer and mom!  I’ve worked with her several times and was so excited when she hired me to photograph her full-of-personality little family!  I arrived early in the morning just as everyone was waking up and photographed them as they had breakfast together, got dressed, read books, went for a little walk, and a trip to Target after Dad left for work. charlotte family photographer

At the end of the session I asked Taylor about a couple of the gorgeous art pieces she had on the wall and discovered that she had created them together with her kids!  I loved them and loved hearing about her process of creating these amazing pieces as projects with her kids (I also knew immediately that the next time I photograph them this creative process will have to be included in their session.  I can’t wait!).


Taylor + kids + art

I thought you would love hearing about Taylor’s process as well for making some beautiful images in your home.  I had never thought of creating paintings or mixed media work WITH my kids!  I love seeing their pieces and hanging them up but I wish I would have done this process with them when they were little.  It’s such a wonderful opportunity to chat and learn together.  Like I always say, “The purpose of the task is to strengthen the relationship.”  Clearly, that’s what Taylor is doing in a creative and fun way with her kids.

Here are Taylor’s tips: charlotte family photographer

1) Have a (semi) plan. You have to have some sort of inspiration, such as a color palate and a theme, before you start. I don’t recommend just throwing paint their way and then saying “have at it.” You’ll only make a muddy mess and you won’t end up loving the creation. Prepare the colors you plan on using ahead of time in small disposable cups, and this will create an image where you already love something about it…the color.
2) Make it fun! Use different techniques that are kid friendly and will keep things interesting. In some of our works of art, we used several different mediums. This also kept the kids engaged and learning as they went!
3) Don’t over think it. Give plenty of direction, but don’t completely control the outcome. You want to have some sort of vision, but you also don’t want to be lecturing your kids on how to do things the right way. Kids will be kids, and sometimes the place a piece is going isn’t what you’ve had in your head. That is totally okay! Be willing to let the work go where it goes. In the end, you might be surprised at how much you love it!
4) Do it often. My kids absolutely love creating. It’s the thing they always suggest doing when there seems to be nothing to do. Canvases can be bought pretty inexpensively at craft stores or online. Be okay with making a mess! This is usually the only thing stopping us from one more creation…
5) Remember why you’re involving them in the first place. When I asked my daughter what her favorite thing about painting is, she said, “Because it’s fun to do something with just you and me.” My kids LOVE to spend time where they feel like they’re actually accomplishing something…but they love quality time even more. At the end the day, even if it’s not your favorite thing hanging up in your home, your children with link the image that they help to create with special time with you!
See more: Also!  You can follow Taylor and her daughter, Vera, in their creative adventures making modern art mixed media and paintings on Instagram: @verapaints



what Taylor had to say about her photo session: charlotte family photographer


“As far as our picture day, I initially had feelings of anxiety about letting someone into our messy lives, and seeing us as we were. With littles, there’s always this “how are they going to behave??” looming in my thoughts. Generally being self-conscious of myself in pictures, there was also  that nervousness going into the day. However, when you arrived, my heart was immediately put at ease! I remembered why we had hired YOU. You were so gracious with my crazy house and loud children. The day became a joy instead of a stress! When we first saw the pictures, we piled in front of the slideshow to watch our day unfold…and I fell in love with your photographic style all over again. We loved all the sweet moments you captured that were SO US. Ike’s crazy faces, Vera’s drama, Asa’s smile. I could go on and on. It was such a beautiful snippet of our life where we are now…even as crazy as we are. And after watching it for the sixteenth time while my littles were sleeping in their beds…I fell in love with my life all over again.”



DAV_8730aDavina Fear is a Familyness Adventurer. She’s addicted to pumpkin bread and she wants to photograph your family’s everyday awesome-ness.  She knows what Wingardium Leviosa means and wishes her kids could have gone to Hogwarts (but they would come home every night and not stay all term).If you are like this family and breakfast is a little crazy, walks turn into running away from barking dogs, and trips to Target are easier with a prize at the end then it’s time for us to talk.  Call or text Davina at 704-964-5882

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April 7, 2016

what if you were not you | charlotte family photographer

boy snuggled into woman closing his eyes

dreaming of being NOT you charlotte family photographer

Maybe you sometimes dream about what it would be like to NOT be you. charlotte family photographer
Maybe sometimes you dream about being someone else that seems more successful, more awesome, more productive…I have a feeling you sometimes get to the end of your day and say to yourself, “I got zero things on my list done today. How could I have gotten nothing done on my list today?!? What the heck!”And then you start thinking about the most productive people you know and you wonder how they get so much stuff done while you have reached the end of the day and haven’t even showered.

maybe it’s because you were being you.

maybe by noon you got these things done:

  • maybe you hugged and listened to your daughter who was having a super hard day and didn’t want to go to school
  • maybe you sat with that daughter, searched with her for a different shirt to wear because she didn’t like the one she was wearing, supporting her, being near her, telling her everything would work out
  • maybe you facebook messaged with someone who was struggling with a friendship that was about to crumble and helped them to see how to draw on their strengths to extend compassion to the person who was hurting them
  • maybe you promoted someone else’s business and in the process gave them a tagline for their new product
  • maybe you sent funny emojis to your daughter at school and she said they made her day better

None of these things were on your list.

what if you weren’t being you?

what if none of these people were blessed by you being you today? Maybe your daughter would still be being sad at school. Maybe a friendship wouldn’t have had another chance. Maybe your contribution to someone, who could be seen as a competitor, will help them have the success they’re dreaming of.

Dear friend, you’ve already made a difference today.

Not by following your list, but by being you. If the world didn’t have you, there would be less magic here today. Because today, you shared your kind of magic, that no one else can share. Remember that. Even on the hard days.

it’s not even that you are enough

Because you being enough means that there’s a measurement that you need to be. But, please, hear this…you being you is what this world, this day, needs. The world doesn’t have to have your ‘to do list’ or ‘enough’ of you. It just needs you to be you. The world just needs you to share your magic…the kind you don’t even realize you’re giving and being.

You are magic. Magic surrounds you. When people are with you, there is magic in so many ways just because of who you are in this moment. #magicsurroundsus

see your own magic

Look at what life today would be like if you weren’t in it. Notice the baby that needed YOU, the tears that were cried on YOUR shoulder, the child that was picked up by YOUR arms, the friend that YOUR ears listened to, the person that YOU spoke words of kindness to even when the words weren’t deserved, the parent driver YOU let go in front of you who was in a hurry to get to their child to school because this tardy would have meant detention, the hug YOU gave your husband that comforted him even if he didn’t actually say it.

Everyday you do things that aren’t on a list, things that make this world and people and relationships better. And you don’t even know you’re doing it.

notice you today

Not in a way that makes you feel like no one is giving to you but in a way that YOU realize that, without you, lives would have empty spaces in them and the world would, too.

Notice that your little bit of magic, just by you being YOU, is pretty stinkin awesome.



If you know someone who needs to hear this…that them, just being them, has filled little spaces in your life, please send them a link to this page or if you would like to get more notes like this or my free e-book, please sign up HERE.

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March 11, 2016

Road trip! Coming to a city near you | Charlotte family photographer

teen boy and teen girl looking out the side windows of a car for charlotte family photographer

From South Carolina to Utah |  Charlotte family photographer

I’m excited to announce that we are making the trek across the country again! Charlotte family photographer

Are we coming to your city?  You can check out all the details HERE.

Along the way we will be stopping in these cities:

  • Knoxville, TN – March 24th
  • Nashville, TN – March 24th
  • Lexington, KY – March 25th
  • St. Louis, MO – March 25th
  • Kansas City, MO – March 25th
  • Denver, CO – March 26th
  • Salt Lake City, UT – March 27th-April 1st
  • Wichita Falls, TX April 2nd
  • Dallas, TX April 2nd
  • Shreveport/Ruston/Monroe, LA April 3rd
  • Atlanta, GA April 4th

Only one session is available in each city along the way.  Grab your session time in your city now!

Ask me anything, anytime at davina@davinafear.com or text me at 704-964-5882




February 29, 2016

Remember this | charlotte family photographer

The Fear Family from kirsten lewis on Vimeo.

password: Davina

my family’s day in the life session

Remember how I was feeling in the months, weeks, and days leading up to having [Kirsten Lewis](http://www.kirstenlewisphoto.com/) come and photograph my family for a full day of our real life? (Read about my insecurities and worries [HERE](https://madmimi.com/p/d3b796)).

how I feel about my session

I am in L-O-V-E with [this session](https://vimeo.com/150481192) (_password: Davina_) Kirsten did of our family. Yes, there are photos that I look at and see the things I’m insecure about BUT in that very second, I also fall deeply in love with what the moment and photo represent in my life. I love them MORE and MORE every time I look at them!


These photos show my personality, the way I interact with my kids, my crazy funny faces, the way I love my kids. I’m usually never in the photos because I’m usually taking the photos. I love that this captures me as a mom and how I feel about my kids.

All of these wonderful things completely trump every one of my insecurities, 100%.

SEE my Day in the Life session by CLICKING HERE  password: Davina

what I wish

Our life is now so different than it was only 9 months ago. I wish that I had one of these sessions every year of our life for the past 19 years.

it’s not too late

Even for me. I am going to book a Day in the Life session for my own family every year from now on. I encourage you to do the same. You won’t regret it!

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woman and girl making funny faces in four photos by charlotte family photographerDavina Fear is a Charlotte NC Family Photographer and Familyness Adventurer. She believes in bed time chats, bike rides down mountains, and in families who see that real life doesn’t have to be polished to be beautiful.

She blogs at davinafear.com, and creates photo documentaries for families who have days where everyday is simple and complicated. If you don’t want to miss this moment, get in touch by clicking here.

February 2, 2016

Photographer coaching: Free Session

round cake pan with heart drawn in crumbs on bottom of pan ad for a photographer coach

February is the month of Love = Photographer Coaching for you!

For years I’ve been offering photographer coaching sessions; helping photographers around the globe.

I love the opportunity to help burnt out photographers and moms get their passion back! It’s my favorite to help new photographers jump forward by leaps instead of tiny baby steps and to open the eyes of photographers who know they have huge potential in their business but just can’t see it at the moment.

This month, you can sign up to talk to me for one 15 minute session for free. No sales pitch, no strings attached. Just a gift of love from me to you.

Get your free photographer coaching session

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Reasons you may want a photographer coaching session:

  • are you struggling in your business?
  • do you feel burnt out?
  • are you having a hard time managing your time?
  • do you need help connecting on social media?
  • do you wish you knew what your clients wanted?
  • are you struggling to take great photos?
  • would you like me to critique one of your photos?
  • would you like some tips/advice as a mom, for your family or with a specific child?
  • would like your clients to be more natural in front of the camera?
  • do you feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure of the next step?
  • do you just want to talk and have someone listen without offering advice on how to fix things?
  • is there something else on your mind that you’d like to chat about?

Book now

Your free 15 minute coaching session is waiting for you. BOOK IT HERE.


I love getting to see people go from bummed out about their business to feeling lit up and excited again we talk about their business, life, or family. It’s my gift to see simple fixes to problems that face you. I’d love to help.

This month, I want to spread the love by giving you a free 15 minute session to talk about whatever is bothering you, causing you negative thoughts, or that is keeping you stuck.

There’s no sales pitch, no strings attached. I’m here for you.

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Let’s talk! :)


PS In case you want one more witness before you get your free session, here’s Emily Lapish of Emily Lapish Photography: ““Thank you, Davina!!!! You are just what I needed.” Get your free session here.

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woman lies on bed with eyes closed with hand on girl's hair lying beside herDavina Fear is a Charlotte NC Family Photographer and Familyness Adventurer. She believes in bed time chats, bike rides down mountains, and in families who see that real life doesn’t have to be polished to be beautiful.

She blogs at davinafear.com, and creates photo documentaries for families who have days where everyday is simple, even in its complex managing of multiple people, as well as for families who feel like they’re living in constant chaos. If you’re like the Wilde Family, and don’t want to miss this moment, get in touch by writing to davina@davinafear.com