Love 15

Love 15 is getting a Makeover!

(and is not currently for sale)


*We are working on all kinds of fun goodies to add to Love 15.  It’s going to be even more amazing, more fun, and easier to add into your daily round with the people you love most.  I can’t wait for you to experience all of the awesome changes and additions!!


Love 15 Monthly Subscription


Love 15 is a monthly subscription where you receive a daily email with a small idea to inspire you to connect with the people you love in fun and meaningful ways.  Each morning an email arrives in your inbox as a little reminder with an idea of a way to spend 15 minutes with your spouse, child, friend, or someone you love.

Love 15:

*One email each day

*30 ideas a month

*Each idea takes less than 15 minutes

*Only 30 cents a day, if you sign up this week, to be closer to the people you love most

*Small and simple yet powerful and manageable.

*Fun and insightful.


Monthly Subscription Fee:

$7.50/month (if you sign up with in the first 7 days of launch)

$12.00/month (if you sign up 8+ days after launch)


Would you like to try one day of Love 15 for free before subscribing?

Send us your name and email below and adventure will be on it’s way to you:

What people are saying about Love 15:

“I’ve been previewing Davina Fear’s newest project, Love 15. BLOWN AWAY by it’s practicality and relevance! I’m REALLY into it. So manageable. So powerful!” –Natalie Norton, mom and photographer

“Your Love 15 emails are rocking my heart! Can’t wait to do this on the way home from school today – I love these little bits of small manageable fun…and a mom of 4 like you knows how to do *manageable*! They have a great energy and I’m so excited to see them soon become a little dash of sparkle in our afternoons and evenings.” –Melanie Mauer, mom and photographer

“This is so needed and inspired for families everywhere. I’m excited to get an email every morning with something so simple and meaningful to do with my family everyday. Such a great reminder that small things make a very big difference.” -Carol, mom

“Davina, We have been having a lot of fun with Love 15 in our lives. Family is super important to us, so having these little daily exercises has been really great. I think the penny night was the most fun!!! They ended up flying everywhere! Thank you for dedicating your life to family, not just yours, but everyone’s! xoxoxxo” –Dawn Davis, mom and photographer