Here you will find exciting books, workshops, kits, and more that will help you to create more awesome familyness in your own home.  You’ll also find workshops and kits that will teach you how to document and photograph your own familyness and other people’s familyness (if you’re a professional photographer).

New ebook! (free)

10 familyness photo tip_cover2ab_option1aThe Art of Familyness Photography: 10 tips for real photos

This new free ebook will help you to see your familyness in a new way.  On top of that you’ll begin to see how awesome your own story is as you look through your camera lens.  To receive this free ebook, sign up here:





Familyness Workshop

familynessphotoworkshopcover2Familyness Photo Workshop

You’ll learn how to take great pictures of your family, get less stressed about it, have more fun, and feel more familyness.  This is an online class!  No need to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy learning all kinds of fun and immediately applicable tips, practices, and easy to follow and understand video lessons. [Pro photographers love this course!)

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 Photographer kits

Family-1largeweb_3sInsight Kits for Photographers

For the first time ever all six kits (Family GTKY, Wedding GTKY, Contract, Get Your LIFE back, Wedding 101, and Last Minute kits) are being offered together at one super low price.  These kits have helped 100s and 100s of photographers with rave reviews.

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