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Happiness + Family = Familyness

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If you want to have a closer, happier, more inspired family life, you’re in the right place.

If you feel like your family is a mess and you’re always stressed, you’re still in the right place.

While you’re here you’ll discover ways to make your life simpler, richer, and more fun.

I share with you what I’m thinking when I’m feeling stressed, steps I take to feel less stressed, things we do as a family to feel closer, and how I try to change situations that I’ve been fighting against.

Your familyness is important…

which I’m always looking for ways to create more love, acceptance, FUN, unity, and living in the moment with my family so that I can share them with you.

If this sounds good to you…

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And then there’s this special event happening December 13th that I don’t want you to miss:

Webinar: How to take familyness photos!


 About Davina:


Davina Fear created the Familyness Revolution. She earned her degree in Family Science and now writes at for families world wide.

While being a professional relationship photographer for 10 years she created the groundbreaking Get To Know You Questionnaire, the mentoring fundraiser for Thirst Relief International, and co-created the widely popular Love Affair Workshops.

Now she helps families create more acceptance, living in the moment, and FUN!

She’s loves dates with her husband and the smell of clean laundry, especially when they collide.

Davina lives in South Carolina with her four crazy kids and Hot Guy, Mike.


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